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Dr. Madhumeeta Banerjee

Founder & Director

Dr. Madhumeeta Banerjee is a Passionate Artist with a soul and Art Educator with a vision & mission. 

A successful career as a medical Professor, Counselor, Social Activist; all added myriad shades to evince a creative & inspiring Art career as an Artist, Online Educator, Art Author.

Tragedies of life, health challenges, and losses could not halt/dampen her dedication to Art Innovation, Education, Evolution, and Empowerment.

Primed to learn & assimilate, she is hungry for acquiring skills in Art & Leadership. She is elegantly walking the expressway of Art of emotions and colors. She is committed to helping & sharing her skills with other discerning souls.

She is successfully conducting many online art classes in India and overseas, sharing her talent and passion with many. Her Art classes are Fun, Easy & Doable. At the same time, it is Therapeutic and Elevates, Enlightens & Empowers many souls.

Many of her artworks – Portraits, Flowers adorn beautiful homes of Art connoisseurs/ patrons in the USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, CANADA, INDIA.

About Madhumeeta Art Studio & Gallery

  • Madhumeeta Art Studio and Gallery is a walk-in space that is her home and abode.
  • It is a positive, peaceful, and serene oasis where you can step in and relax.
  • It greets you like a whiff of fresh perfumed air with elegant seating, sensuous lamps, flowing drapes, greenery all around, and lights instrumental music soothing your soul.
  • Antiques and hand-created artwork adorning the walls add to the warm and welcoming ambiance.
  • Dr. Madhumeeta is breathing and living Art with every pore of her being, a life dedicated to art and Art Education.
  • Do connect with Dr. Madhumeeta Banerjee - A passionate Artist and a dedicated Art Educator.
Making you learn with the best in the ART world to be one of them !
Your passion, our determination.
Beautify your Living / Working Space with Positivity & Blessings from Madhumeeta Art !